Playstack London Announces Rise Of The Slime For PC & Console

Playstack London, along with solo-developer studio Bunkovsky Games, have announced their latest venture, Rise Of The Slime. This game plays like your typical deck-building RPG, only this time around you play as one of the lonely creatures roaming the countryside waiting to get killed. In this case, as one of the gelatin slime creatures that are usually pretty easy to slaughter for XP. But not this time around as you put up quite the fight against whatever would-be heroes come your way, as well as wreaking havoc on townsfolk and other creatures who happen to get in your way as you go from harmless to fearful. The game doesn't have a release date yet but we do know it will be released on PC and all three major consoles somewhere down the road. Until then, enjoy the trailer.

Go from being a regular slime to king slime! Courtesy of Playstack London.
Go from being a regular slime to king slime! Courtesy of Playstack London.

Offering a unique mix of deep, tactical deck-builder gameplay with the chill vibes of a side-scrolling adventure, Rise of the Slime plonks your squidgy hero in an enchanted and dangerous world. Help Slime overcome the odds by playing insanely powerful cards in turn-based, positional combat against a bunch of baddies—though you just might feel terrible dousing them with acid. With the help of fancy hats and pet companions to spice up your adventures, you'll traverse beautiful and exotic lands, from sizzling fire swamps to toxic marshlands to a breezy unfurling garden populated by sexy radishes!

  • Turn-based combat alongside real-time exploration, offering a unique mix of roguelike and deckbuilder. 
  • Positional mechanics, matching your wits against enemies. Strategically quick step, push, and flip behind enemies to gain the advantage in combat. Use your cards wisely!
  • A visually appealing art style, with striking, colorful characters, cards and environments.
  • Extensive replay value with gameplay mutators, shifting routes and hundreds of deck build variations (100 magical cards at launch!). Each playthrough of Rise of the Slime is different!

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