The Chuckle Brothers Play Real Life Hitman With Absolute Glee

This one might not be for our American readers out there, but for those of you who grew up with The Chuckle Brothers, I've got a rather bizarre video for you.

To celebrate the first part of Hitman coming out today, Square Enix UK thought a little outside of the box. I've seen quite a few of these 'play Hitman in real life' videos going around but this one takes the biscuit.

To promote the game, The Chuckle Brothers were brought in to have a go at playing Hitman in real life. A job, I expected, their kid friendly personas to be a little reserved about, but no. The Chuckle Brothers have no problem pretty much murdering everyone in their path, even if they are innocent people just doing their jobs.

They even fire a poor woman. Ice cold.

Take a look here: