The PlayStation Neo Might Not Be At E3 Says Industry Insider


The PlayStation Neo is all but confirmed at this point. We've seen multiple reports from well regarded sources, and it feels like the only entity not talking about it is Sony itself.

If a new rumour is to believed though, than that silence might extend a little longer. According to well regarded serial leaker, Shinobi said on a recent episode of the Super Deformed Gamescast that he had heard that Sony will skip an expected E3 reveal in favor of a Paris Games Week appearance in October. As picked up by TweakTown, Shinobi said:

I've heard that Sony will announce the PS4 Neo at Paris Games Week. This made sense to me because the supposed upgrades are coming in what, October? I would have said this publicly if I was 100% sure, but it's just what I was told.

This does however contradict another rumour floating around which suggested that console might launch in September, and it is clear that Shinobi hasn't been able to verify, but there is enough here to be curious. A Paris Games Week reveal to a near immediate launch is possible, but Sony are already miles behind on the messaging on the console, which is being criticised by critics and gamers. Could they really wait so long before telling their side on the console?