The SML Podcast – Interviewing Pinokl Games And Talking About GameStop Publishing!



By Joe Cammisa

Monday night is here and it's time for a triple shot of The SML Podcast here on Bleeding Cool!

The SML Podcast Episode 185: Hero. Shooter. Podcast. Discussion. doesn't have a guest to interview, so instead we talk about news, Rocket League, GameStop publishing, Hero Shooter games, emails, giveaways, and tons more!

Featured Games! Skyling: Garden Defense from Mighty Studios mixes Q*bert and Pac Man gameplay in a garden setting that will frustrate and delight. Pang Adventures from DotEmu brings the Pang Bros. (Buster Bros.) to the new generation of consoles with some awesome bubble popping, old school arcade gameplay! Blues and Bullets Episode 2: Shaking the Hive is the fantastic second episode of the action/adventure/detective noire series from A Crowd of Monsters. Speedrunners from DoubleDutch Games and tinyBuild is a fast paced speedrunning game with Twitch betting integration. LOUD on Planet X is a rhythm defense game from Pop Sandbox with gorgeous visuals and an outstanding soundtrack.

Check out the mp3 of the show HERE or check out the YouTube version! Make sure to hit up the YouTube version for all of the details and links to respective websites!

The SML Podcast – Episode 186: Party Hard
, Podcast Harder DOES have a guest as we welcome Alexandr Potapenko of Pinokl Games to talk about the console release of their game Party Hard, published by the awesome folks at tinyBuild!

We chat about the development, the backstory behind creating a game about murdering loud neighbors, how Pinokl Games is staffed by 50% Alexandr's, future DLC plans, and yet another developer who enjoys Dark Souls and all other stupidly difficult games!

Check out the mp3 of that show HERE or check out the YouTube Version! []

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