There Was A Pitch For A Dark, Industrial Age Fable 4 Within Lionhead That Got Shut down


Now that Lionhead has shut its doors for good, there are a lot of post-mortems to be had about the once legendary studio, and lots of stories of what could have been. Speaking of…

Eurogamer got access to a bunch of devs at the studio to look back at Lionhead in a rather revealing way. One of the things that comes out of it is this failed pitch for a Fable 4. John McCormack, who headed up the pitch, revealed what sounds like a rather dark sounding skew of the franchise. It would have taken the series to an industrial age London type setting with 'tram cars and flying machines'. There would also be parts of British Mythology, like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and a Jack the Ripper equivalent too.

Cormack said:

nd that was going to be Fable 4, and it would be darker and grittier. And because it was R-rated it would have the prostitutes and the humour. I was like, man, this is going to be brilliant, and everybody was really into it.

Alas, it didn't come to pass. I'm not sure I'm into how dark this sounds, but perhaps Microsoft wanted to get the franchise as a 'service' in Fable Legends instead of a full single player game. Which ultimately may have ended up killing the company. None of that is any good.

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