Until You Fall's Release Makes The Case For Wireless VR Sword Fighting

Until You Fall was quietly unleashed to the Oculus Quest on September 29th, and it's making a great statement for wireless VR sword combat. Satisfied players with an itch for a roguelite fighter are still sounding off and, after picking up the title for myself, I'm inclined to join them. Until You Fall looks great, has a clean synthwave soundtrack, and most importantly, it makes knights want to swing, swing, swing.

Until You Fall's Release Makes the Case For Wireless VR Swordfighting
Defend Yourself. Image Courtesy of Schell Games.

Roguelite games are meant to be simple, but also still bring a feeling of progression. The best ones are also intricate. The way Until You Fall's equipment upgrade and unlock system works is easily a combination of the above. Players will attempt to make it through an apocalyptic neon hellscape within the game's first few minutes, but they will also fall. A lot. And not because early enemies are overwhelmingly difficult, but because they're everywhere, and the opposition will relentlessly spring legions and bosses to the point that new players would be lucky to endure for 10 minutes. To counter its level of challenge, each of Until You Fall's stages offer a new choice of power-ups to create gem-crushing build-outs. Fallen players are also resurrected at their last bastion before trying again, where they can also spend the aether hauls of previous runs to upgrade and expand their arsenals.

That system in itself is similar to titles like Swords of Gargantua, but what really sets Until You Fall apart is the feel of its combat. While some VR fighting titles can just encourage spastic controller waving, Until You Fall expects its players to be more reactive. As your fallen city's last champion, enemies will try to bring the hurt from every which way, and you'll need to either block, dodge, or dash out of the way. Incoming harm is indicated by bright, blue visuals that supplement attack animations, and what results is an arcade-style rhythm that's specific to this game. Combine that with a few magic abilities, and the results can be a sweet sweat.

Until You Fall's Release Makes the Case For Wireless VR Swordfighting
Rest before you fall again. Image courtesy of Schell Games.

Previously, Until You Fall has been available on SteamVR and the Oculus Rift for nearly a year where its reviews remain overwhelmingly positive. With this year's September 29th release on Playstation VR, and also now as a native title to the wireless Oculus Quest, Schell Games' fanbase seems likely to expand.  Currently, this title is up for 25 dollars on the Quest store. And even if its levels might be destined to blur together, shoppers would still be hard-pressed to find unhappy reviews from others. Until You Fall is an easy recommendation.

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