Watch The Destiny Stream Outlining Orxy's Dreadnaught Here

Yesterday, as promised, Bungie hosted a stream surrounding the new playable area in Destiny: The Taken King. The Dreadnaught will be the place where we spend a lot of time with the new content, what with it being the massive ship of Oryx himself.

To display it, Bungie had a fireteam take on a new strike set on the ship. It was revealed that the developer want to make Strikes a little less 'static' too, so each time you play, there will be a set of variable that change up the experience a little. that is much appreciated as we will no doubt be playing them over and over again.

There were a few other tid bits in here too such as how the new classes break down and how artifacts give you a nice new buff too. Check out the full stream here.

Watch live video from Bungie on Twitch