You Could Be In Mass Effect: Andromeda Thanks To New Voice Acting Competition

Voice acting is incredibly hard by all accounts, but something I'm sure many of you would love trying your hand at.

Well, why not have a chance to get yourself in one of the most beloved universes in games? I'm not usually one for sharing compeitions, but this one seems genuinely pretty neat. Bioware have just announced an Explorers Wanted contest which is tasking fans with sending in voice recordings for two scripts from Mass Effect: Andromeda. They are gender nutral so jump in regardless of who you are. This is only open to "legal residents of Australia, Canada (excluding Quebec),New Zealand ,United Kingdom and the United States (including the District of Colombia)."

There isn't too much to be gleaned from the scripts, apart from Andromeda is 'a thing' and some one called Sanders is a bad lady, or at very least, divisive.

Here is a cute little video introducing it: