Watch_Dogs 2 DLC Human Conditions Gets A Spiffy Trailer


Ubisoft released details on Watch_Dogs 2's final DLC, Human Conditions which will go live February 21st for PS4 and on March 23rd for Xbox One and PC. The details were given in a video short video explaining all the changes to come with the new content.

To save you the watch though, the details are as follows:

The DLC gives you new DedSec missions, but it also adds "substantial story-arcs" for Marcus that should give players some new challenges… and enemies. Naturally.



But that's probably not all we're getting with Human Conditions. The T-Bone DLC from December gave us T-Bone's modded out school bus, attire, and a new Mayhem Co-op mode. So we may see some other changes with this DLC they just haven't told us about yet.

They also have a spoiler stream that you can watch here if you like. Might be good for those trying to decide if the DLC is worth the purchase price, after all, the spoiler stream is just about two-hours long so you'll see a decent amount of new content in there. Ubisoft is hoping it'll sway you, I'm sure. It wouldn't be the first time they've tried to get sales up for Watch_Dogs 2, now would it? Then again, they've also streamed DLC spoilers for their more massive titles as well.

And it might be interesting to see how this DLC pairs up with the extended ending added with the latest update. Not that it needs to, granted, but it would make sense given the timing.

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