What's Your Favorite Eeveelution? Vintage Pokémon Cards Hit Auction

Eevee has been one of the most popular Pokémon as long as Pokémon as a franchise has existed. This cute little fox is adorable in its standard Eevee form, but what makes it truly unique is its many evolutions. While most species in the Pokémon world follow a simple two- or three-stage evolutionary line, Eevee has many different variations into which it can evolve. Generation One introduced the first three evolutions… or, Eeveelutions as fans lovingly call them. There is the Fire-type Flareon, the Electric-type Jolteon, and the Water-type Vaporeon.

Then, when Generation Two expanded the concepts of "150 Pokémon (or more to see)" with a whole new region in Johto, the Psychic-type Espeon and Dark-type Umbreon, two fan favorites, were introduced. Two generations later, the Sinnoh Region brought the Ice-type Glaceon and the Grass-type Leafeon, with the sixth generation debuting the Fairy-type Sylveon. There are currently eight distinct Eevee evolutions, but who is to say that is the end? We have yet to see Normal-, Fighting-, Poison-, Ground-, Flying-, Bug-, Rock-, or Ghost-type Eeveelutions… but perhaps, one day, we will. For now, Eevee fans can head over to Heritage Auctions to bid on two vintage, holographic, graded cards showcasing the first appearances of Jolteon and Vaporeon in the Pokémon TCG.

Eeveelution Pokémon Cards. Credit: Heritage Auctions
Eeveelution Pokémon Cards. Credit: Heritage Auctions

Pokémon Jolteon #4 and Vaporeon #12 Unlimited Jungle Set Rare Hologram Trading Cards Group of 2 (Wizards of the Coast, 2000) CGC Graded.

In the beginning Eevee was able to evolve into 3 different Pokémon depending on the stone it was exposed too, 2 of those evolutions are featured in this group. The first is the lightning-type Pokémon Jolteon (Excellent 5) and the second is the water-type Pokémon Vaporeon (Ex/NM+). The artwork is done by Kagemaru Himeno. Not listed on the SMR Price Guide.

You can bid on this bundle featuring these graded Jolten and Vaporeon holographic cards over at Heritage Auctions now. Best of luck!

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