Which Boxes To Buy In Pokémon GO For September 2020

Currently, there are three boxes offered in Pokémon GO's in-game shop.  Each box offers a different experience for trainers. For players looking to decide which of these boxes to invest in, read our guide below to discover which set of items suits your playing style.

Which Boxes to Buy in Pokémon GO For September 2020. Credit: Niantic
Which Boxes to Buy in Pokémon GO For September 2020. Credit: Niantic

The three available choices include:

  • The Special Box: Two Premium Battle Passes, two Incense, two Super Incubators, twenty PokéBalls for 480 coins. For a player with both limited time and funds to invest in Pokémon GO, this is the way to go. It's not as good of a deal as the others, but if you'd like to play a little rather than wait until some gym activity can earn enough coins for a better purchase, this will do the trick. Players who grind daily and put money into the game should not invest in this, though.
  • The Ultra Box: Sixteen Premium Battle Passes, four Super Incubators, four Incense, four Star Pieces for 1480 coins. Of all the boxes, this may be the best deal. Targeted toward raiders, this one rewards Pokémon GO trainers who go to raids in person. Right now, Remote Raid Passes are steeply discounted in the store, but they aren't available in a big bundle. If you walk raid hours weekly, this is the perfect choice to optimize that hour.
  • The Adventure Box: Sixteen Super Incubators, four Incense, four Star Pieces, two Egg Incubators for 1480. This one is for the hatchers. If you're grinding for a specific species that in eggs, there is no way to do hatch eggs quicker and faster than with the Adventure Box. This is also the one that becomes more valuable during certain events. If, for example, Riolu or Gible are featured in 7KM Gift eggs, this becomes the top choice.

There is also a Daily Free Box, which is easy to forget considering how little it offers, but if it's opened every day, even its small offerings will build up over a long period of time.

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