Windjammers Gets Fun New Trailer as It's Announced for Nintendo Switch

Dotemu has announced that it is bringing Windjammers to the Nintendo Switch.


Over the last several years, Windjammers has built an engaged little community. The '90s frisbee game has received a cult-like status with many loving the pace, simplicity, and bizarre scoring system. It has a lot of charm, and it holds up due to its everlasting look and Pong-ish gameplay that really make for an experience that's fun to play with a friend even in 2018.

The game is about to become available on the go, too (well, off of the PS Vita). Publisher Dotemu has announced that it is bringing the updated version of the game, which came to PlayStation 4 last year, to the Nintendo Switch. That came with all the characters and levels, as well as online and ranked modes added for good measure. By all accounts that was a decent port, so if you want that Windjammers feel, this is not going to be far off.

The Switch release doesn't have a release date yet, but it did entice fans with this goofy '90s-style trailer. That aesthetic has been done to death, but this seems nice and appropriate here. Take a look:

I can see the Switch's ability to use each JoyCon as one controller being really valuable here. If you are sitting there playing Windjammers and a friend comes over to see what you are playing, just being able to hand over a controller on the fly seems like a great bit of functionality.

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