Xbox Announces More Accessibility Features In Latest Update

Xbox Game Studios revealed that their latest update to all Xbox consoles now has some additional accessibility features included. The team hosted a special video yesterday called the Xbox Accessibility Showcase, in which they went over all of the new options that have been added to help the estimated 400+ million gamers around the world. We have the video and notes from the team for you to check out here, but it basically highlights the way the company is making it so that those with disabilities can still enjoy games released on any of their consoles by adapting to their needs. You can read more details info here as well.

Xbox Announces More Accessibility Features In Latest Update
Credit: Xbox Game Studios
  • Game accessibility feature tags are coming to the Microsoft Store on Xbox: A top question the accessibility team receives from players is 'how do I know what games I can play?' To help with this, the Microsoft Store on Xbox will include new tags on games that denote the accessibility features they include. This update makes it easier for players to understand if a game is right for them before they purchase or download.
  • Accessibility Features coming to Halo Infinite: When the game launches on Dec. 8, 2021, Halo Infinite will include features that empower players to customize their experience and make the game more accessible for their unique needs, including:
    • The ability to adjust the font size and background opacity for subtitles
    • Text-to-speech and speech-to-text options
    • New customizations for players to control their sound experience with different volume sliders for a variety of sounds in the game
    • New prosthetic options for gamers to customize their Spartans.
  • New accessibility features coming to the Xbox console: including a refreshed Accessibility spotlight page, Quick Settings, Color Filters, Night Mode, and more.
  • A New Gaming Accessibility Fundamentals Course: Designed to help developers learn more about accessibility and how to create accessible games. 

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