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Xbox Chats With 343 Dev About Season 4 Of Halo Infinite

The Xbox team posted an interview this past week with a Halo Infinite developer, chatting about the chances coming to Season 4 on June 20th.

Xbox Game Studios have posted a new interview this week on Xbox Wire, chatting with a 343 Industries developer about Halo Infinite – Season 4. The big addition on the way is the return of Infection, as they are doing their best to create a gameplay experience that feels familiar to players while also giving it a new twist. The team have also upgraded their live services, added new maps to the game specific to the mode, and touch on some of the new Forge elements. We got a snippet of what was talked about below as you can read the full interview on Xbox Wire. Season 4 will officially launch on June 20th.

Halo Infinite - Season 4 screenshot, courtesy of 343 Industries.
Halo Infinite – Season 4 screenshot, courtesy of 343 Industries.

"Infection has been around almost as long as Halo, first appearing as a custom game in Halo 2 before joining official playlists in Halo 3. It's been a staple of every mainline Halo game since, even getting a Flood (the parasitic enemies who threaten to wipe out all sentient life in the galaxy)-flavored version in Halo 4. But what exactly is Infection? 343 Industries Modes Product Owner Joe McDonagh lays it out as, "A classic Zombies-versus-survivors set up. Everyone starts on one side, as a survivor. Everyone but the single Alpha Infected, that is. If you get killed by the Alpha Infected, you switch sides and become an Infected. It boils down to this: can the survivors survive until the end of the round, as they get whittled down by the Infected? It leads to some awesome, last man standing 'Get to the chopper' style moments."

"The gameplay of Infection is designed for in-your-face, up-close-and-personal skirmishing, as the Alpha Infected is armed with energy swords that allow for one-hit kills, alongside Season 3's Shroud Screen, which creates opportunities for traps and ambushes. Others who are Infected along the way get energy swords and the new Quantum Translocator equipment, letting them run in for a quick slay, then teleport away before enemies arrive. Survivors tote Bulldog Shotguns and Commando Rifles, but they'll have to get uncomfortably close to the Infected to take them down. The net result is a lot of frantic running and yelling as survivors try to locate and kill the Infected while the other side isolates and hunts Survivors. It's mayhem in all the best ways."

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