Xbox Exec Says 'Dont Call It A Comeback' After Xbox One's Third Month On Top Of Sales Charts

The Xbox One S is really selling like hotcakes at the moment. Where once the Xbox One was lagging behind, the console has seen a major reprieve from the smaller version of its predecessor.

It's been revealed that this has carried the box to three consecutive monthly wins over the PlayStation 4 in NPD sales and understandably, this has got Xbox's Aaron Greenberg excited. In a tweet, he thanks new buyers for their choice, also suggesting this could be a huge upswing for the Xbox One in gaining on its competition. He said:

And this is all great by me. Competition is great, and Xbox making up ground on the PlayStation 4 makes for a more competitive market, which almost always means it's better for us.

We will have to see what the PlayStation Pro does for Sony's sales now…