Microsoft Reveals Xbox Game Pass Will Come to PC

Microsoft announced during an investor call that it plans to bring its library service Xbox Game Pass to PC.

xbox game pass logo

Xbox Game Pass is a big deal. The idea of a readily accessible library that also brings all Xbox first parties games on launch day is strong. If you are buying into the console system now and don't have a deep roster of games, it's a good way to have games to play. Paired with Xbox's Play Anywhere program on PC, it means that you can get access for first-party Microsoft games while on PC too. However, there's no dedicated library on Game Pass for PC outside first-party offerings.

Well, it looks like that isn't going to be the case for much longer. Via Windows Central, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said during a quarterly investor call that the Xbox Game Pass service will be making its way to PC. Details weren't expanded upon so we don't know when or what this really means at the moment. One would suspect it suggests the number of games currently offered on PC, especially games not published by Microsoft, would expand. It's likely this would require more titles to come to the Windows Store, but the logistics of that aren't clear.

This makes sense due to the direction that Xbox is moving in as console and PC becoming closer tied. Currently, their published games are available on both with saves transferable from one platform to another. The company is banking big on a more open community and having Game Pass across both platforms could be huge. Whenever it comes, that is.