Xbox Reveals Six New "ID@Xbox Spotlight" Videos

The Xbox team has released a new set of videos from their ID@Xbox Spotlight series this week, showcasing a number of new games on the way. The videos were created as a bit of a response to GDC 2020 being canceled over the coronavirus. Normally the company would show off some titles that were being worked on or were on the way this calendar year. Not as grand as they normally do at E3 (which is also canceled), but enough to grab people's attention for the event. With those options gone, the company decided to make a new set of videos to showcase the games they would have presented. Here's a snippet of the preview they gave on Xbox Live.

ID at Xbox Spotlight
Credit: Microsoft

Given the global situation right now, of course, we're not able to show off games to press and players in person, so we're excited to announce a new series of videos on the ID@Xbox YouTube Channel that will highlight independent developers – ID@Xbox Spotlight. With these videos, you'll hear from the developers themselves as they walk you through some of the exciting titles coming to Xbox – including some brand new announcements like Mischief's Adios, Strange Scaffold's An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs, Goblinz Studio's Legend of Keepers, Sector D2's Project Wingman, Mighty Yell's The Big Con and Vanimals' Undying. Of course, the games we're showing this week are just a fraction of the more than 1,600 games in development by the more than 3,000 developers in 67 countries worldwide who are part of Xbox's digital publishing program for independent developers.

You can watch all six videos below if you would like to, each of them covering a few games at a time. Many of them don't really give release dates, but at the very least you'll have an idea of what's on the way to the console within the next calendar year.

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