Xbox & Seagate Reveal Details On Xbox Series X Storage Expansion Card

Xbox revealed more details this week about the Xbox Series X/S storage options with the Seagate Storage Expansion Card. The two have partnered up to offer a solution to just hooking up a large storage device to the console as these specially designed USB 3.1 storage devices will plug directly into the console and work with the internal SSD. While its cool to see the company made a small and handy solution, the $220 price tag on it is probably going to make a lot of people cringe, especially when you could snag 1TB of storage for a fraction of that price from any number of retailers. You can read more about it below as we have a snippet from an Xbox Wire piece, which contains an interview about the Xbox Series X/S device with Jason Ronald, their Director of Program Management.

A look at the Seagate Storage Expansion Card, courtesy of Xbox.
A look at the Seagate Storage Expansion Card, courtesy of Xbox.

The Xbox Velocity Architecture is at the core of our next generation consoles. In addition to providing a massive leap in performance and reduction in load times, the Xbox Velocity Architecture provides the foundation for new levels of innovation and transformative game design and experiences. At the heart of the Xbox Velocity Architecture is our custom NVME SSD to store and play all your games at their best.

We also wanted to make it seamless to bring the large libraries of Xbox games you've already downloaded forward. The USB 3.1 storage you use today will be plug and play compatible with Xbox Series X|S. Support for high speed USB 3.1 storage was important to make the storage and transition of large game libraries easy and accessible to everyone.

You can also use USB 3.1 storage to store next generation games, optimized to take full advantage of the Xbox Velocity Architecture, for quick transfer and play on Series X|S.

And, for those who want to expand the total capacity of the custom NVME SSD of Xbox Series X|S we've collaborated with Seagate on a custom 1TB Storage Expansion Card, designed using the Xbox Velocity Architecture API, to deliver the exact same consistent, sustained, gameplay performance of our internal SSD. And, backwards compatible games played directly from the Storage Expansion Card will see significant improvements in load times due to the next generation performance of Xbox Series X|S.

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