Xbox Series S Tops Black Friday Sales For Game Consoles

Some interesting results have come out of Black Friday's sales reports as the console standing atop the mountain is the Xbox Series S. Business insider is reporting that this past weekend's spending was up good for video games in general, but with all of the highly sought-out options for consoles, including the PS5, the Nintendo Switch OLED, and even its sister-console the Series X, the Series S ended up being on top overall. This is according to a report from Adobe who measured the "over one trillion visits to U.S. retail sites" and their corresponding sales. The biggest factor, by far, going for the console is that it was the cheapest of the bunch that did the most, as it comes in at only $300 and can do practically everything the Series X can, with the exception of using a disc reader as the Series S is an all-digital console.

A look at the Xbox Series S with controller, courtesy of Xbox Game Studios.
A look at the Xbox Series S with controller, courtesy of Xbox Game Studios.

Another major factor that played a hand in the Series S coming out on top is that there is still a parts shortage for most consoles being made around the world. And it's not just affecting the big three as even smaller companies in the console wars like Atari with their Atari VCS and Intellivision (who have yet to release the Amico), as well as cell phone providers like Apple and Samsung, are also dealing with the same shortage issues. One more factor for this comes down to convenience, as people are looking to upgrade their gaming systems and are not too keen on waiting for Sony or Nintendo to get what they want, especially if they want it in time for the holidays. Through a weird set of various issues, convenience, and personal buying habits, it looks like Xbox may come out of 2021 on top with the Series S leading the charge.

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