Yasumi Matsuno on a New Final Fantasy Tactics: "I Probably Need to Make One Before I Die"

In a recent interview with Dengeki OnlineFinal Fantasy TacticsYatsumi Matsuno and Final Fantasy XIV's Naoki Yoshida talked up the development of FFXIV's "Return to Ivalice" raids, Tactics, and Ogre Battle.

However, the bit fans will find most interesting is the snippet of the interview where Matsuno discussed the possibility of making a new Tactics or Ogre Battle game. The short answer is that Matsuno feels he ought to make a new entry in both series', but it isn't like the games are in development. Considering the fact that the original Tactics sequel was canned, its possible Matsuno already knows what he would do for a new game. Though, gaming as a whole has changed since the days of Tactics, so those plans have likely been adjusted to match.

Yasumi Matsuno on a New Final Fantasy Tactics: "I Probably Need to Make One Before I Die"

From Dualshockers:

Later on in the interview, Yasumi Matsuno also spoke about whether he'll ever make a new Final Fantasy Tactics game or a new Ogre Battle Sagagame:

Matsuno: Rather than looking back at the pastI'm the kind of person who loves trying out new things. But when you reach my age, you start having thoughts like "How much time do I have left to keep making games?". And I'm not talking about retirement, I'm talking about death. Recently, I've been to more funerals than weddings, and it made me aware of how limited our time is. On places like Twitter, fans sometimes send me messages like "I really wish you'd make a new Ogre or FFT!!". When I see messages like this, a part of me thinks "I probably need to make one before I die".

Through the interview, Matsuno reminded everyone that Final Fantasy Tactics's story has been completed in the original game, and the events of Return to Ivalice are completely unrelated. Return to Ivalice is based on a what-if scenario where Ramza and his friends met their end in the final battle. However, he explained that he already mentioned in the past that Ramza and his friends survived the ending of FFT. Matsuno also mentioned how Lord of Vermillion 3 's collaboration event with Final Fantasy Tactics included small details about Ramza's life after the original game's events.

Matsuno: Lord of Vermillion 3 mentioned how Ramza and his companions survived the events of FFT. They left Ivalice and decided to go explore new lands. When I still worked at Square, even Square employees would often ask me "Did Ramza survive at the end of FFT?". I always regreted that I was too inexperienced when making the original game to make it clear that yes, Ramza and his friends definitely survived.



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