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Sia Sings New Track For Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker
Square Enix has partnered up with Grammy-nominated performer Sia as she sings a brand new track for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker To celebrate the global launch of Endwalker, the company collaborated with the multi-platinum superstar on an "out-of-this-world visual and musical tribute" to the Warriors of Light The music video is basically a small tribute[...]
Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Releases Benchmark Software & Roadmap
Square Enix announced late tonight that they have pushed the release of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker to early next month The company dropped the news just under an hour ago as of when we're writing this, changing the release date for the latest expansion from November 23rd to December 7th We have a snippet from[...]
Final Fantasy XIV Celebrates Eighth Anniversary With An In-Game Event
Square Enix is celebrating the eighth anniversary of Final Fantasy XIV in style as they are holding a new in-game event and some awesome cake! The big thing that they're doing for this event is celebrating with a special anniversary cake, which you can see here, as it is the creation of former Great British[...]
Square Enix Announces The Ultimate Final Fantasy XIV Cookbook
Square Enix reveals a special book on the way for Final fantasy fans as we're getting The Ultimate Final Fantasy XIV Cookbook Working with Insight Editions, and penned by Victoria Rosenthal, this is a recipe book for gamers who will have a chance to "experience the gastronomical delights" that the world of Hydaelyn has to[...]
Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Releases Benchmark Software & Roadmap
Square Enix revealed details this morning of some new benchmark software that will be released ahead of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Essentially, the update that will be going into the game soon is the first of many steps to set up the addition of the next expansion of the game this November. Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker[...]
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Square Enix has launched a brand new campaign in Final Fantasy XIV as they have partnered up with Twitch this time around From now until August 24th, players can head into the game and obtain both the Heavenscracker in-game item (that is basically a fun little celebration tool for you to spread some joy with)[...]
Final Fantasy XIV Online Launches PS5 Version & Patch 5.55
Square Enix has dropped Patch 5.55 for Final Fantasy XIV Online, which also brings about the PS5 version of the game The big focus on this patch is that it brings an end to the Shadowbringers storyline, adding in new content to the main scenario, as well as YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse and Save the Queen[...]
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Square Enix and Butterfinger have come together for some interesting DLC content being added to Final Fantasy XIV For a limited time, there's a brand new mount in the game you can get that looks just a little extra special as they have added Chocorpokkur If you haven't guessed already by looking at the image[...]
Square Enix has revealed more details for Patch 5.5 coming to Final Fantasy XIV, along with pics and a new trailer This particular patch is called "Death Unto Dawn" and will be split into two parts as it will set the stage in several ways for the upcoming fourth expansion, Endwalker Part one, which we're[...]
Square Enix Reveals Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.5 & PS5 Open Beta
Square Enix dropped two announcements for Final Fantasy XIV today as they reveal the 5.5 Patch and the PS5 open beta details First off, the 5.5 Patch will be making its way into the game on April 13th, and will serve as the next major update for the game We have a full rundown of[...]
Final Fantasy XIV Online Patch 5.45 Now Available
Square Enix released the latest update to Final Fantasy XIV Online back on Friday as Patch 5.45 is now available in the game The patch adds in the latest chapter to the "Save The Queen" quest series as you're getting another great addition from game creator Yasumi Matsuno (Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy XII), the[...]
Endwalker Will Be The Next Final Fantasy XIV Online Expansion Pack
Square Enix revealed this week that the next massive expansion pack coming to Final Fantasy XIV Online will be Endwalker The primary function of this is that it will serve as the climax of the Hydaelyn and Zodiark story arc happening in the game, where the Warriors of Light will end up facing one of[...]
Final Fantasy XIV Online Patch 5.4 Trailer & Release Date Unveiled
Square Enix released new details today, along with a trailer, for the Patch 5.4 update coming to Final Fantasy XIV Online There's a ton of content in this patch that basically opens up a lot of doors for players to explore A good chunk of what's here involves quests, updates, new modes, and more being[...]
The Make It Rain Campaign Returns To Final Fantasy XIV
Square Enix had brought back one of the most popular events to Final Fantasy XIV as the Make It Rain campaign has returned Starting today and running all the way through November 20th, all Manderville Gold Saucer Points rewards from the Gold Saucer are increased by 50%! What's more, campaign attendants will offer a wide[...]
Square Enix Reveals Patch 5.4 Details For Final Fantasy XIV
This morning, Square Enix revealed details for the upcoming 5.4 patch coming to Final Fantasy XIV in December The patch will be called "Futures Rewritten" and brings fresh content to the Shadowbringers expansion, with a number of updates and new content for adventurers of all playstyles Additionally, Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida revealed plans to[...]