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Allegoria Star Krsy Fox on Embracing the Horror Genre & Opportunities

When Krsy Fox read for writer-director Spider One for his theatrical directorial debut in the horror film Allegoria, it was a refreshing experience, especially as a fan of the genre. While things have significantly changed since her on-screen debut in the 2002 TV series Just Cause, the actress hasn't looked back, expanding her creative ventures with the Powerman 5000 frontman to co-writing and starring in his next film, Bury the Bride. Fox spoke to Bleeding Cool about Allegoria, why horror appeals to her, and the movies she grew up on.

Allegoria Star Krsy Fox on Embracing the Horror Genre & Opportunities
Krsy Fox in Allegoria (2022). Image courtesy of RLJE Films & Shudder

Bleeding Cool: What appealed to you about Allegoria?
Krsy Fox: Spider wrote the character of Brody with a lot of weight to it, especially for a female role. I hadn't seen something like that from a woman. The bizarreness, journey, and her arc were appealing, getting to do that end scene with the beautiful dialogue, intensity of those moments, and final long scene. I'm a huge fan of scenes that go on forever, and I felt excited to shoot it. I always love to play a monster, creating this demon-type thing, and let everything out. I couldn't say "No," plus, working with Spider on his debut feature and all these incredible actors I'm a huge fan of.

Allegoria Director Spider One on His Theatrical Debut & Influences
Krsy Fox in Allegoria (2022). Image courtesy of RLJE Film and Shudder

BC: How does the horror genre allow you to do so many different things as an actor that you wouldn't normally be able to do? Would you describe it as a liberating experience?
Fox: I'm a high-energy person, and my own anxieties get to me. I have a lot going on, and acting allows me to get it out there. In horror films, you're going through 50 different emotions sometimes in one scene. It helps balance me as a person, and it makes me more level. They're also my favorite type of film, and I watch one about every single day. If you watch a movie with a great actor and a great horror movie, there's nothing like it. You pull emotions out of the audience, and it sucks you in. It's absolutely liberating and my favorite genre to be a part of.

Allegoria Star Krsy Fox on Embracing the Horror Genre & Opportunities
Josephine Chang and Krsy Fox in Allegoria (2022). Image courtesy of RLJE Films & Shudder

BC: What were some of the most favorite horror films growing up?
Fox: One of the films that were the most influential in making me love the [horror] genre was the 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' because it scared me to death, and I immediately wanted to watch it again. I couldn't understand how anyone could make anything that horrific, but I loved it so much. I'm a little younger than Spider, so I was the perfect age for films like the original 'Scream' and 'The Craft.' Those films had a huge impact on me. The way I write, the type of characters I connect to, and some of the actors in those films, I saw myself in them. A movie like 'The Craft,' I'm like, "There are other girls like me. I'm not just the total weirdo. Those are the girls I want to hang out with." Something being scary, funny, and you get a little bit of everything like I talked about before. It's just like this roller coaster of watching a film like that.

RLJE Films & Shudder's Allegoria, which also stars Adam Busch, Bryce Johnson, and Scout Compton, is available on demand and streaming on Shudder.

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