'Baby Driver' Domestic & International Trailers Show A Music-Fueled Car Action Film From Edgar Wright


Scott Pilgrim vs. the World writer and director is back with a new action crime (and musical) film, Baby Driver. It stars Ansel Elgort who plays "Baby," a getaway driver who works for mob boss, Doc, played by Kevin Spacey. The soundtrack of his success skips a beat when he meets the girl of his dreams, Deborah (played by Cinderella leading lady, Lily James).


Baby was in an accident when he was young, causing a permanent buzzing in his ears and rarely speaks He plays music on headphones constantly to drown out the buzz, and that use of the music allows him to get into the groove and be the "best in the business." When Deborah enters Baby's life, his priorities shift and now he wants out but Doc isn't one to let someone out of his clutches.


First we'll do the American version of the trailer that shows the meeting of Baby and Deborah, and introduces us to Doc. It also has more of the tension set up by Baby's deciding to leave the fold:


Now let's take a look at the International trailer which has more of a focus around the planning of one of the heists and the mob side of the action.


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