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BC Exclusive: Hear Two tracks From The King Of Killers Soundtrack
It stars Frank Grillo, Alain Moussi, Stephen Dorff, Marie Avgeropoulos, and Grevioux In it, a former assassin tries to solve the mystery of a tragic accident and ends up traveling to Tokyo after being hired for a hit, then finds out a bunch of other assassins were also hired for the same job The hit is[...]
Collecting Creature Commandos, Ahead Of The DC Studios Cartoon
Just in case you need a reminder role call, we have Frank Grillo set as Rick Flag Sr., with Maria Bakalova as Princess Ilana Rostovic, Indira Varma as The Bride, Zoe Chao as Nina Mazursky, Alan Tudyk as Dr Phosphorus, David Harbour as Eric Frankenstein, and Sean Gunn as G.I Robot & Weasel, and Steve Agee[...]
One Day as a Lion Director on Scott Caan and J.K. Simmons Crime Comedy
Simmons and Frank Grillo in "One Day as a Lion." (2023) Image courtesy of Lionsgate One Day as a Lion: Working with Scott Caan and J.K Simmons Bleeding Cool: What intrigued you about 'One Day as a Lion?' Swab: It's a fun script that reminded me of movies that I grew up loving I got along with[...]
The Forever Purge has been delayed by Universal.
Credit, Universal That being said, one of the stars of the popular horror franchise is offering fans a minor update on the status of the sixth film, along with his own feelings regarding the project. Will The Purge 6 Happen? Or is Universal Pictures Shelving the Project? When talking to ComicBook, recurring Purge star Frank Grillo was asked[...]
Little Dixie Director John Swab on His Love for ‘70s Action Films
His latest action thriller Little Dixie follows ex-special forces operative Doc Alexander (Frank Grillo), who's caught in a deal gone wrong between a corrupt governor and a ruthless drug lord With his family in danger, Doc must take down the Mexican drug cartel and do whatever it takes to protect the one good thing in[...]
Little Dixie Sees Frank Grillo Doing What He Does Best
Little Dixie is the latest Frank Grillo thriller coming to select theaters and digital services early next year It also stars Eric Dane, Beau Knapp, Annabeth Gish, Peter Greene, Thomas Dekker, Mercedes Mason, Maurice Compte, and Sofia Bryant The film is written and directed by John Swab Grillo plays an ex-Special Forces operative stuck in[...]
Operation Seawolf Dir Steven Luke & Star Hiram Murray on Inspirations
Luke and Murray spoke to Bleeding Cool about how the film came about, its historical inspiration, and working with Dolph Lundgren and Frank Grillo. Hiram A Murray in Operation Seawolf (2022) Image courtesy of Shout! Studios Bleeding Cool: What was the inspiration behind Operation Seawolf? Luke: My producing partner, Andre Relis, brought the idea to me, and he's[...]
Operation Seawolf Dir Steven Luke & Star Hiram Murray on Inspirations
When you have a good story, that's what the audience is craving for, and they see what a good story is. Shout! Studios Operation Seawolf, which also stars Dolph Lundgren and Frank Grillo, is currently in theaters and on-demand, and on digital on October 25th. Things writer-director Steven Luke and star Hiram A Murray pride on[...]
Paradise Highway: Dir Anna Gutto on Crime Drama & Theatrical Debut
Frank Grillo is always looking for new opportunities as an actor While the bulk of his work is primarily action, he'll stumble upon more dramatic work on the occasion that allows him to flex his range as a performer One such project is Lionsgate's Paradise Highway, which follows a reluctant female trucker Sally (Juliette Binoche),[...]
Shattered: Cameron Monaghan on Film’s Classic Erotic Thriller Roots
So it was a genre that I'd never explored or stepped into before, and it was something that I was kind of eager to give a shot and see what that was like." Frank Grillo, Cameron Monaghan, and Lilly Krug in Shattered (2022) Image courtesy of Lionsgate Monaghan was familiar with immersing himself in the vulnerable setting,[...]
Ida Red Star Frank Grillo Talks Dir John Swab, Josh Hartnett & More
Frank Grillo is a tour de force on film and television, always answering the call from his friends and colleagues for what the role calls him to do Among them is Ida Red director and writer John Swab, who asked him if he could play Dallas Walker, Ida Red's (Melissa Leo) nephew who co-runs her[...]
Josh Hartnett Partners with Frank Grillo in the Trailer for Ida Red
In the trailer, we also get to see other established actors, including Frank Grillo (The Purge franchise and the MCU), who appears alongside Hartnett as another member of the Walker family by the name of Dallas The two appear to bring on the crime and chaos for the film, with Deborah Ann Woll (True Blood,[...]
Copshop Star Frank Grillo on Studio Changes, Director Joe Carnahan
Star Frank Grillo, who plays Teddy Murretto, a conman on the run from assassins and decides to hide in a small-town sheriff's office, provided perspective on why his friend and director Joe Carnahan, who he previously collaborated with on Boss Level (2021) and The Grey (2011), isn't exactly embracing the final cut of his film[...]
Copshop Stars Gerard Butler and Alexis Louder Talk Joe Carnahan Film
The film follows a wily con artist Teddy Murretto (Frank Grillo), who devises a scheme to hide inside a small-town police station by punching a rookie cop (Alexis Louder) and getting himself arrested Little does the station realize, Teddy has a giant target on his back, a price on his head, and assassins on his[...]
Copshop Stars Gerard Butler and Alexis Louder Talk Joe Carnahan Film
Evoking elements of a modern western mixed in the similar vein of the John Carpenter 1976 classic Assault on Precinct 13, the film features Teddy Murretto (Frank Grillo), a con artist with a target on his back who decides to hide out inside a small-town police station Unfortunately for him, that's not going to stop[...]
Copshop Trailer Debuts, New Grillo/Butler Film Hits Theaters Sept. 17
Copshop, a new thriller starring Gerard Butler, Frank Grillo, Alexis Louder, Toby Huss, Chad L Coleman, Ryan O'Nan, Jose Pablo Cantillo, Robert Walker-Branchaud, Kaiwi Lyman, Christopher Michael Holley, Marshall Cook, and Tracey Bonner, has a new trailer out This is the latest in a flurry of collaborations between Grillo and Joe Carnahan, who is in the[...]
The Forever Purge Begins With Trailer For Final Installment
The Purge has become a niche horror sub-genre of its own since debuting in 2013, with the most recent film, The Forever Purge, being the fifth installment in the long-running film series. Though the films have seen a few shifts in their eight years so far, there is still residual interest in exploring the return of[...]
Frank Grillo Talks Boss Level, Kingdom, & His Incredible Work Ethic
Frank Grillo has done everything the hard way in Hollywood and continues to do so On top of appearing in the MCU as Crossbones, he started a production company with director Joe Carnahan called War Party films; he starred in one of the most underrated TV series of the last ten years in Kingdom and is[...]
Everything Coming To Hulu In March
That includes their new original Boss Level starring Frank Grillo and Mel Gibson on March 5th As far as series and other Hulu originals we will be getting; the big ones are the finale of the horror series Into The Dark with the episode Blood Moon and the second season of Solar Opposites You can see[...]
Trailer For Grillo/Willis Film Cosmic Sin Debuts, Out March 12th
Cosmic Sin is a new Sci-Fi film starring Frank Grillo and Bruce Willis teaming up 400 years in the future to eliminate a hostile alien threat after we begin colonizing other parts of the galaxy The film also stars Brandon Thomas Lee, Corey Large, Perrey Reeves, CJ Perry, Lochlyn Munro, Costas Mandylor, and Adelaide Kane[...]
Frank Grillo, Jessica Rothe Star In Body Brokers Trailer
Starring Frank Grillo, Jessica Rothe, Melissa Leo, Jack Kilmer, Michael K Williams, and Alice Englert, the film is an unflinching look at the failures of substance abuse treatment and how insurance fraud is running rampant in the US at treatment facilities You may not have even known this was an issue, and the subject matter[...]
What If...? has cast Frank Grillo aka Crossbones. (Image: Marvel Studios)
One of those characters is Frank Grillo's Brock Rumlow aka Crossbones, with the actor confirming to Collider that the deceased "big bad" would be returning to the MCU via animation: "Yeah, no, I'm in it I've been doing it." What If…? ©Marvel Studios 2020 All Rights Reserved. In fact, it didn't take much convincing at all for[...]
Frank Grillo
Frank Grillo stars in the MCU as Brock Rumlow aka Crossbones where he was a performer of many, many stunts of a dangerous nature It came with the role, being a SHIELD ops agent in the field with Captain America, you are going to see some action But apparently there was one stunt that made[...]
Jiu Jitsu – Alain Moussi Talks Cast Camaraderie, Bond with Director
Moussi called Frank Grillo (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) "a funny dude" and dreamt of working with Tony Jaa He also complimented the film's female leads in JuJu Chan and Marie Avgeropoulos "JuJu is so talented physically in the martial arts and such a cool actress," he said "She brings so much to the table[...]
Jiu Jitsu – Alain Moussi Talks Cast Camaraderie, Bond with Director
Most of the meaningful dialogue outside of the initial exchanges between Moussi and Avgeropoulos is given to Cage, Frank Grillo's Harrigan, and Eddie Steeples' Tex, the comic relief of the film doing his best Marlon Wayans' impression from Scary Movie 2 (2001). Nicolas Cage as Wylie in Jiu Jitsu (2020) Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures/The Avenue[...]
Jiu Jitsu: Mortal Kombat Meets Predator in Nicolas Cage Sci-Fi Action
Once that happens, then you're in, you know, and I mean, he's an Academy Award winner." The film also stars Alain Moussi and Frank Grillo Jiu Jitsu comes to theatres from The Avenue Entertainment on November 20. Every six years, an ancient order of jiu-jitsu fighters joins forces to battle a vicious race of alien invaders[...]
Jiu Jitsu: Mortal Kombat Meets Predator in Nicolas Cage Sci-Fi Action
"Jiu Jitsu is guaranteed to satisfy the millions of martial arts and science fiction lovers across the globe with world-class martial artists, stuntmen go-to expert Alain Moussi joining superstar Nicolas Cage for some formidable, no holds barred fight sequences set in exotic Burma." Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures/The Avenue Entertainment Jiu Jitsu features a variety of action[...]
The Father: Donnie Yen, Alec Baldwin, Frank Grillo in Action-Thriller
Guess the traditional 80s action film isn't dead after all as stars Donnie Yen, Alec Baldwin, and Frank Grillo are in the new action-thriller The Father, according to Deadline Hollywood Described as an "ode to revered action movies of the '80s", the film is set against the Irish-American gangland of South Boston It charts the[...]
Copshop: Gerard Butler, Frank Grillo to Star in STX Action Thriller
Action movie staples Gerard Butler and Frank Grillo are taking their talents to Joe Carnahan's Copshop from Open Road Films and STX International The story follows a small-town police station that becomes the unlikely battleground between a professional hitman (Butler), a smart rookie cop, and a double-crossing con man (Grillo) who seeks refuge behind bars[...]