Breaking Down the New "Digimon: Last Evolution Kizuna" Trailer

With every day that passes, our excitement for Digimon: Last Evolution Kizuna grows, and just after discussing what we're most excited to see from the franchise, we've discovered even more updates about the upcoming Digimon film — this time it's a new official trailer!

We had previously received a brief teaser trailer, which was soon after followed up with each character's design and confirmation that the second generation of Digi-Destined will make an epic return to the franchise. There have been some question marks surrounding the future of the franchise or what exactly this film could mean for the Digimon and their partners, but we've received a new gut-punch of an official trailer to feed off of our growing excitement for more Digimon.

In the new, revealing trailer, we discover that Digimon are in-fact facing the fate of losing their partners as the Digi-Destined continue to become adults. The notion causes ripples with the group, notably Tai and Matt who are shown to partner up once again in an effort to keep their Digimon partners from losing their tether to one another. The film is set in 2010 and will ultimately be the biggest conflict the core group has faced, with a trailer that goes through the emotional ringer as well as glimmers of action that is a staple in the Digimon franchise.

One aspect that may be hard to shake off is the revelation that with the Digi-Destined ageing, their partners are slowly but surely beginning to disappear. In the last film, they went as far as killing a Digimon (thus severing the connection to her partner) so this doesn't appear to be an empty threat. We additionally believe that Digimon will go above and beyond to deliver more mature and realistic results given the demographics transition to adulthood.

There are moments where we aren't sure if they will go that extreme direction to the extent they have claimed, but this actually creates more concerns for the future of Digimon and could suggest the title has more weight than we had hoped. To pull at our heartstrings with an already nostalgia-based franchise, the trailer also included the return of the iconic theme song "Butter-Fly" as the subtitled trailer insinuates we will be witnessing the emotional finale of Tai and Agumon. With each piece of the puzzle we've witnessed so far, we can assume that we'll be feeling a wave of emotions from the conclusion of Digimon in 2020.

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