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GTA Online Continues to Be a Top Seller for Take Two Interactive
Take Two will continue to support the money machine that is GTA Online (and GTA V), while also releasing new iterations of its various successful sports franchises. Red Dead Redemption 2's release will also do pretty well for the company, just based on the eager anticipation of its eventual launch. Take Two Interactive has released its Fourth Quarter[...]
The Vespucci Job and Three New Vehicles Added to GTA Online
Rockstar Games has released the latest mode for Grand Theft Auto Online, the online component of Grand Theft Auto V, which allows players to hop in the new Weeny Issi Classic car in The Vespucci Job. The new patch also drops in two other cars, a new set of time trials, and even more discounts.
Monster Hunter: World
last month. You might notice some older games up there, including Grand Theft Auto V, which continues to be a top-selling game despite being pretty much ancient as far as video games go. GTA V has been a veritable cash cow for publisher Rockstar Games since launch and often ends up boosting their yearly bottom line thanks to[...]
Grand Theft Auto Online
Rockstar Games has officially declared that Grand Theft Auto Online has broken its player record, four years after the release of the game. According to Rockstar's blog, December 2017 saw more players in GTA Online than ever before, although an official player count has not been released. Back in November, it was announced that GTA V had sold-in 85 million[...]
GTA V Is A Top Selling Game Of 2017 Despite Releasing 4 Years Ago
Yep, GTA V sold more copies in 2017 than NBA 2K17, MLB The Show 17, and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare  Not only is the 4 year old game still one of the top grossing titles in 2017, GTA V has managed to sell over 75 million copies during the game's lifetime Yep 75 million sold in four[...]
Take A Minute To See 'What's My Age Again' Recreated in GTA V
It's pretty great. Take a look: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: GTA V – Blink 182 – What's My Age Again ( Look, there's not much for me to add here. Youtuber icanteven has used Grand Theft Auto V's Director Mode to remake the Blink 182 pop-punk classic What's My Age Again[...]
Watch Mario Shoot His Way Through Los Santos In GTA V Video
The powerful combination of the PC Version's Director Mode and abillity to use mods, will always make interesting films. Take a look at the video here: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Mario Kart V (GTA V Short) ( [...]