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Rockstar Games Edits Out Transphobic Content From Grand Theft Auto V
Especially in the era of Twitch streaming where you have communities like NoPixel, who have RP characters in the city all day from different walks of life having to hear that content. Credit: Rockstar Games Well, it appears Rockstar has finally taken the initiative almost nine years later to clear out a lot of that content from[...]
Rockstar Games is literally giving money away in GTA Online this month.
For the entire month of May, it pays to log into your GTA Online account Rockstar will be giving away half a million dollars in GTA Online currency for such a simple task that even if you don't actively play the game, it feels worth grabbing all of this free money for doing something as[...]
"GTA Online" Is Getting A New Mission With "The Diamond Casino Heist"
GTA Online is about to get its biggest expansion yet, along with a daring criminal plot, as you'll dive into The Diamond Casino Heist Almost as if Rick and Morty called it from the future, you'll be getting a ragtag bunch of players together in your already established criminal organization to pull off one last[...]
"GTA: Online" Adds the Ocelot Locust Sportscar and Gunrunning Bonuses
The Bunker Series missions will also be giving out Double GTA$ & RP this week, which includes fan-favorite subterranean skirmishes like Juggernaut, Every Bullet Counts, and more. The free T-shirt you get for logging in to GTA Online this weekend is the complimentary Ocelot Tee, so you can badge yourself in gear that matches your car, if you so[...]
"GTA Online" Casino Release Date Announced With A New Trailer
Rockstar Games have released a new trailer showing off the "Casino & Resort" addition to GTA Online, complete with a proper release date for the content Now you too can run a casino the way you want, complete with all the illegal activity you would expect from GTA and then some Basically, its like all[...]
Rumor: The Next Grand Theft Auto May Have A Woman Protagonist
The word is coming from The Daily Star, who are pointing to a couple of reports about the next entry into the series, saying that production started on the game back in 2016 and it would have a larger map that GTA Online currently has, but the biggest takeaway for them was the notion that[...]
Contract Missions Earning Double Rewards in GTA Online This Week
This week's GTA Online bonuses cover a diverse portfolio of businesses, missions and modes Club owners who complete a Nightclub Sell Mission between now and June 5th will earn a cool GTA$250K bonus, while all Nightclub patrons can take advantage of a week-long open bar. Contact Missions are paying out Double Rewards, and players can claim four free DJ tees for simply logging in to play. All Contact Missions –[...]
GTA Online is Adding a New Missile Base Series This Week
GTA Online's latest update adds the brand new Missile Base Series, which features intense competitive skirmishes set inside the bowels of Mt Chiliad, and naturally the Missile Base series is giving extra rewards this week This week will also see bonuses for CEOs who own Executive Offices, plus double rewards on all Smuggler's Sell missions,[...]
This Week is Import/Export Week in Grand Theft Auto Online
Like they do every week, Rockstar Games is changing things up in Grand Theft Auto Online this week by buffing Import/Export missions, providing discounts on Biker Business Supplies, and a nice salary bonus for all players working as bodyguards or associates to local CEOs. This week, GTA Online players will find a bonus of 25% GTA$ on[...]
This Week is Flight Week in Grand Theft Auto Online
Sales for the week include aircraft hangers and aerial vehicles like the B-11 Strikeforce and the Mammoth Hydra. Additionally, GTA Online players will receive Double GTA$ on all Smuggler's Cargo Sales. Lastly, this week's bonuses include a pair of rare in-game t-shirts from the Blue & Red Class of '98 t-shirts, which players can pick up just by[...]
The Schyster Deviant has Arrived in GTA Online this Week
credit// Rockstar Games This week in GTA Online saw the release of the Schyster Deviant muscle car and Double GTA$ and RP on the new RC Bandito Races, as well as the Trading Places (Remix). The Deviant may have been an underdog in the muscle car field way back in the day, but those days are far behind[...]
The Declasse Tulip Arrives in Grand Theft Auto Online This Week
If the Juggernaut dies before filling the meter, the power-up is dropped and ready for a new would-be king to try their luck. credit// Rockstar Games And if you really love Delcasse motors, you'll get a Delcasse Girl T-Shirt to show off your '70s love just for logging in to GTA Online anytime before January 21st. This week's[...]
Grand Theft Auto Online is Buffing Gunrunning This Week
Basically, any weaponized vehicle mission you launch from your trailer will earn you double rewards, which is pretty sweet. Finally, all Rockstar created Stunt Races will give out double rewards, as well. Other buffs going live on GTA Online today include double completion bonus (for a total of GTA$ 500,000 each) on the Doubl-Action Revolver & Stone Hatchet[...]
Rockstar is Bribing GTA Online Players on Red Dead Redemption 2 Pre-Order
Rockstar looks to be trying to cover two bases at once as they're essentially bribing GTA Online players to pre-order Red Dead Redemption 2 The company announced today that it is officially offering players $1 million dollars of in-game currency if they pre-order the game with their account It's a brilliant but blatant attempt to[...]
Running Back Remix Adversary Mode Returns to GTA Online This Week
Much like the last time the Running Bac mode was available in GTA Online, the main goal is still for the runner in the Panto to make it to the end zone This time, however, the mode has been tweaked to pit the pint-sized hatchback Runner against an upgraded fleet of 5-star recruits in Tezeracts for[...]
GTA Online independence day 2018
Nothing is more American than setting stuff on fire and drinking your bodyweight in beer — thus, that is exactly what to expect from GTA Online's infamous July 4th content. The full list of discounts includes: Vapid Liberator Western Motorcycle Company Sovereign Musket Firework Launcher & Fireworks Star Spangled Banner Horns Patriot Tire & Parachute Smoke Stars n Stripes Facepaint Independence Day Clothing, Haircuts, Masks[...]
7 New Tracks and Weeny Issi Classic Races Roll Out in GTA Online This Week
Rockstar Games is updating GTA Online this week with seven all-new tracks specifically designed for the nimble Weeny Issi Classic The new tracks were released alongside new double GTA$ & RP rewards, which were extended to a host of Heists and Lamar Contact Missions. And if that wasn't ebough, a range of land, sea, and air Vehicles such[...]
GTA Online Continues to Be a Top Seller for Take Two Interactive
In terms of their fourth quarter sales numbers, GTA Online, Grand Theft Auto V and NBA 2K18 were the top performers, though mention also went to Sid Meier's Civilization VI, WWE 2K18, WWE Super Card, Dragon City, and Monster Legends. The publisher's net revenue was up 8% to $301.4 million, as compared to $278.7 million in last year's fiscal fourth quarter[...]
Grand Theft Auto Online
Rockster Games seems to be teasing new music coming to GTA Online with posts on social media that seems to be promotional art for a concert held in the town of Los Santos Additionally, there's even more promo art on Rockstar's official website. The fictional lineup includes four electronic artists: Solomun, Tale of Us, Dixon, and The[...]
Someone Made a Current Thanos Mod for GTA Online
You literally could scan about a dozen mod boards and find practically everyone under the sun, from Superman all the way down to Sponge Bob to GTA Online hijinks And that includes Thanos who, up until now, was only represented in a couple of rare mods as he looks in the comic books and the[...]
Grand Theft Auto Online
Not to be outdone, Rockstar Games is giving player discounts and Double GTA$ & RP in GTA Online during the weekend As for those sales, players can take advantage of discounts on popular vehicles including the Ruiner 2000 the Pfister Comet SR, the TM-02 Khanjali tank. To earn Double GTA$ and RP, you'll want to take part in one the following four game[...]
The Vespucci Job and Three New Vehicles Added to GTA Online
Rockstar Games has released the latest mode for Grand Theft Auto Online, the online component of Grand Theft Auto V, which allows players to hop in the new Weeny Issi Classic car in The Vespucci Job. The new patch also drops in two other cars, a new set of time trials, and even more discounts.
GTA Online Target Assault Races
The Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series continues with a brand-new Target Assault mode, now available to play in GTA Online The new race mode requires racers and gunners to team up and test their skills in a race that pits speed against precision in a fight for first place. Teams of two strap into a range[...]
Get Ready to Crash, Because It's Stunt Week in Grand Theft Auto Online
From now until March 12th, players who log into GTA Online will receive a gratis Tartan livery for their Pegassi Oppressor — because sometimes it pays to be plaid. This week's premium race and time trial schedule is below. Premium Race: "Zebra II" (Locked to Rocket Voltic) Strap in and compete in this week's Premium Race, Zebra II, where the top[...]
Tax Rebate Season has Come to Grand Theft Auto Online
If you aren't going to be getting major savings this tax season, at least Rockstar Games wants to show you some love with a GTA Online tax refund Starting today, players can ring in tax season in style with a $250,000 in-game refund for simply logging into GTA Online at any point from Feb 16th[...]