Check Out A Selection Of Bloodbourne's Brutal And Form-Changing Weapons

I've been saying it for a while now, I'm super excited about Bloodborne. I'm not the hugest Dark Souls fan, but the new sense of speed and offense that the game sports really changes the way you've played all those titles. I really think it could be special.

One of the coolest ideas the game has is the double state weapons your character will flaunt. This adds a really awesome bit of dynamic versatility to gameplay allowing you to switch between two modes at the touch of button. An axe that turns from short to long distance, a sword that becomes a hulking hammer, a blade that turns into a metal whip. All these are cool things. Every time I've played the game, I've found there is just something super satisfying about a weapon changing functionality.

You can see what I mean in this new video from IGN First. It shows lots of the weapons in action and all the bloody damage they cause.


The game is unleashed March 23rd. I'm expecting big things from From Software.