Colin Kaepernick Files Charge Of Collusion Against NFL

The drama continues to swirl around the NFL and the players who are choosing to protest during the performance of the National Anthem. The Bleacher Report is reporting that former 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick has retained  high-level attorney Mark Geragos to file a grievance against the NFL owners for collusion.

Colin Kaepernick
Photo by Mike Morbeck.

Collusion in legal terms is the act of two or more parties conspiring to limit open competition by deceiving, misleading, or defrauding others of their legal rights or gaining an unfair market advantage. The legal filing demands an arbitration hearing and declares that that NFL's owners have:

Colluded to deprive Mr. Kaepernick of employment rights in retaliation for Mr. Kaepernick's leadership and advocacy for equality and social justice and his bringing awareness to peculiar institutions still undermining racial equality in the United States.

It was Kaepernick who first drew national attention by knelt during the national anthem to protest against the social injustices against minorities in the United States. It was from his actions that the anthem protests spread throughout the NFL and to other sports. Kaepernick severed his contract with the 49ers early this year, but since then the free agent player has been unable to land a spot with another team.

While his own record during the 2016 season was lackluster with only 16 touchdowns and 4 interceptions over the course of 12 games with the 49ers, he seems to feel that some other team should have shown interest in picking him up since then.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has denied that there has been any blackballing of Kaepernick.


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