Daisy Ridley Address Star Wars Future, Baby Yoda Egg Controversy

Star Wars star Daisy Ridley said she's perfectly happy where she's at when it comes to the franchise. While promoting her long-awaited film Chaos Walking, the actress spoke to IGN if there's anything more left in the tank for her character Rey and Ridley's own fandom in The Mandalorian.

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Daisy Ridley as Rey in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019). Image courtesy of Lucasfilm

No More Star Wars for Daisy Ridley?

"I think for me the beauty of Episode IX is it ends with such hope and such potential," Ridley said. "I just feel like that was Rey's perfect ending. The big battle was in Episodes VII, VIII, and IX. I think really she's probably running around the forest somewhere having a great time [following the events of The Rise of Skywalker]. I feel totally, totally satisfied with how that story finished. I just don't know what else she could do that I didn't have to do. Also, there are so many amazing characters in Star Wars that it's sort of an amazing thing. I was watching the new episode of The Mandalorian, and it's just like the places it can go beyond even where it is now is so exciting."

The Mandalorian: Chapter 10 The Passenger – Adventures in Eggsitting
The Child in Lucasfilm's THE MANDALORIAN, season two, exclusively on Disney+. © 2020 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™. All Rights Reserved.

As far as Star Wars controversies go, Ridley's well aware of them feeling the brunt end of the sequel trilogy rage from a vocal minority. The actress addressed how she felt about The Child/Baby Yoda eating Frog Lady's (Misty Rosas) eggs. "Oh, cancel culture," Ridley began, with a chuckle. "Look, Mando's gotta eat, Yoda's got to get strong. That's just that. I think it's funny, because in a way, The Mandalorian, I feel, is slightly closer to [her upcoming film] Chaos Walking, in a way, because of the western feel of it. No, I'm like, 'Yoda, do your thing.' The creature [Frog Lady] got to be where she needed to be with the eggs. It's all good. It was beautiful." Based on the Patrick Ness book of the same name, Chaos Walking is directed by Doug Liman and written by Ness and Christopher Ford. The Lionsgate film also stars Tom Holland and Mads Mikkelsen and comes to theatres on January 22, 2021.

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