Daniel Bryan On Wrestling After WWE Contract Ends: "There's Good Reason To Believe I Should Be Able To Wrestle"


Daniel Bryan has doubled down on claims that he could wrestle again after his WWE contract is up. In an interview with Kenny McIntosh for the Inside The Ropes podcast, Bryan was asked whether he might return to the ring or stay on with WWE in a non-wrestling role.

"It all depends on how I feel my health is and how my wife feels my health is," Bryan said. "If we feel like my health is good, I love to wrestle, and I'm gonna go wrestle. But if we feel at that point that it's not good, then we'll see what happens."

Bryan retired from in-ring competition in 2016 after medical tests revealed he had suffered a brain lesion as a result of concussions incurred from taking bumps while performing. Bryan had previously gotten clearance from several doctors, but WWE doctors refused to clear him to wrestle.

"I understand why they won't let me wrestle," Bryan continued. "It's a liability thing. It's also that they're trying to protect me and that sort of thing. But there's good reason to believe that I should be able to wrestle. So we'll see in a year and a half what happens."

Of course, Bryan may have different priorities in a year and a half. His daughter, Birdie Joe Danielson, who was born this week, will be a year and a half old by that point.


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