David Ayer Also Downplaying Jared Leto's 'Suicide Squad' Antics

Warner Bros. and everyone involved with Suicide Squad is suddenly changing their tune when it comes to Jared Leto. In the lead-up to Suicide Squad, all we heard about was how weird he was, how he got lost in the role, how he sent weird things in the mail to his co-workers, and his method acting. These stories came from the actors themselves most of the time during the various interviews they did on the press tour. It became an infamous part of the movie and followed it straight through its entire box office run.

David Ayer Also Downplaying Jared Leto's 'Suicide Squad' Antics

Now Leto is confirmed to make a return in the recently announced Joker and Harley Quinn movie, and those "wacky antics" are being talked about in a very different tune. Leto has already spoken about the rumors and that they were "misrepresented". Now director David Ayer has taken to Twitter and downplayed everything, as well.

There are exactly three options when it comes to this situation and unfortunately none of it makes Leto or Warners Bros. look good.

Option 1: The set stories are true and were used in a way that generated a lot of headlines for the movie. They are walking the stories back now because Leto is returning and those headlines were not kind when it came to those antics.

Option 2: The stuff said about Leto wasn't as bad as everyone claimed. In that case anyone who told a story about Leto being weird was lying. That either means the studio told them to lie, which means we can't trust Warner Bros. or DC. Or the actors decided to lie without the studio involvement, which means we can't trust anything those actors say anymore.

Option 3: Some of the worst stuff was taken out of context, but Warner Bros. and DC decided to let the entertainment press run with it instead of correcting it. Now that it looks like it could backfire they're trying to downplay the statements. If the studio couldn't correct anyone, then Ayer certainly could have before now.

David Ayer Also Downplaying Jared Leto's 'Suicide Squad' Antics

Basically, no matter how this plays out, someone was lying (or at least very not correcting a falsehood) last summer as the Suicide Squad press tour was going on. Which one was it? Does it really matter in the end? Leto is returning to the role, so let's just hope he doesn't send anyone anymore weird stuff in the mail.

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