Devon Sawa on Final Destination Opening Scenes and Hopes For More

There isn't a horror property that hasn't been discussed as a revival, sequel, or reboot, and the popular franchise Final Destination is no exception.

Spawning over five films with various actors joining the cast, the original film (starring Devon Sawa) is considered by many to be the best of all. When the actor recently spoke to Ok! Magazine, he first addressed the evolution of the horror film series, explaining, "People ask me about Final Destination all the time, and I love seeing the new cast they pick," he says, adding, "I love watching whoever the lead is do the opening bit because the opening bits are always kind of the same but with a different twist, and every one of them has done a phenomenal job, and it's always so interesting to see that twist."

Devon Sawa on Final Destination Opening Scenes and Hopes For More
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When then asked about which of his projects he'd like a chance to return to, he jumped back into that universe and added, "I would like to revisit Final Destination again; I always thought that ship had sailed, but now that I've seen the Halloween movies, I mean, why not just start another sequel from #2, like as if the other [films] didn't happen."

The idea isn't too far off, as the franchise once tried to return with a clever prequel to the original film – and the current conversations surrounding a sixth installment of the beloved films. Just last year, the creator of Final Destination discussed the opportunity to continue on and gave fans hope by sharing, "Yeah, there will be another [film]. They were talking about it before COVID, about developing it, and then COVID hit. The Final Destination films are always shot with a lot of set pieces and big crowds, so you can't make like a Blumhouse Final Destination. It's such a massive undertaking that they've kind of put a pin in it. But yes, there will be another."

On a combined estimated budget (excluding marketing expenses), the five films were made at a price tag of roughly $150 million – earning an impressive box-office profit of $660 million. It's definitely only a matter of time until Final Destination returns, but in what capacity currently remains unknown.

Would you like to see a Final Destination comeback?

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