Director James Mangold Says Logan Won't Have A Post-Credits Scene, So Will It Have A Post-Credits Scene?


From the moment we learned that Hugh Jackman would be starring in what is definitely, probably, maybe his last film as Wolverine in Fox's upcoming Logan, all of us had about a million important questions. The most important of those questions, of course, was: will Logan have a post-credits scene?

Though early screenings of the film did not have a post-credits scene, speculation that the theatrical release might have one ramped up when it was revealed that three minutes had been added to the runtime of the film that weren't there in the screened version. One report even claimed to be able to "confirm" that the movie would have a post-credits scene. Speculation over the potential post-credits scene reached such a fever pitch that Bleeding Cool was forced to spoil the movie, just so we could speculate about its contents.

However, director James Mangold has taken to Twitter to categorically deny that Logan will have a post-credits scene:

Asked whether people should stick around after the movie because maybe it will have a mid-credits scene, Mangold replied:

So does that put to rest any speculation about a post-credits scene for Logan?

Of course it doesn't! Collider, the source of the "confirmation" claims, has already said that the movie will have an extra scene, perhaps at the beginning of the film – a pre-pre-credits scene! Frankly, the scene could be delivered in all manner of ways. Perhaps, while you're waiting in line for popcorn, theater employees will stage a dramatic performance of the scene in the theater lobby. Or perhaps the scene will be mailed to your house weeks after seeing the movie (a post-post-post-credits scene). The possibilities are limitless, so we're going to keep on going with our speculation right up until Logan hits theaters on March 3 and we find out, once and for all, whether or not it has a post-credits scene.

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