Disney Infinty 3.0 Is Confirmed To Launch With Star Wars Characters


We've all been predicting Star Wars would turn up in Disney Infinity 3.0 for as long as The Force Awakens has been a thing. Last week, we even got some evidence that this would be the case in the form of a leaked starter pack.

Well, we can stop playing cat and mouse now though. GameInformer have now revealed the cover of their June issue and it shows that Disney Infinity 3.0 will most certainly feature Star Wars favorites. This will be split between the originals and prequels, with a Force Awakens pack coming later.

Age of Ultron will also be a feature in 3.0 alongside the characters from the other Disney Infinity leak a few weeks ago (which includes Inside Out and Tron: Legacy characters).

The roster of Disney Infinity is really growing into something worthwhile now. The figures they make are stunning and now being able to mix Disney, Star Wars and Marvel characters together is pretty enticing.

That Chewbacca sure looks weird though…