Disney Secrecy Concerning Star Wars Is Foiled By Google Maps

When you think of a massive company like Disney, which makes more money in a year than some actual countries, you would think they'd have top-notch security. There are rumors about the "Marvel snipers" that will get you if you even think about spoiling anything, and the NDAs the actors must sign are legendarily long. There have been all sorts of attempts to keep drones from flying over sets to spoil things for the latest Star Wars movies. But leaks happen, and this time Disney wasn't foiled by determined fans or cunning journalists — the secret was discovered by Google.

According to the site SF Gate, you can catch a bit the Star Wars universe from high above the clouds. If you look on the Google Maps for Longcross Studios in London, you'll see a familiar ship surrounded by shipping containers.

Disney Secrecy Concerning Star Wars Is Foiled By Google Maps

Google Maps images are typically one to three years old, and since The Force Awakens was not shot at Longcross Studios and Solo: A Star Wars Story didn't start shooting until this year, there's a very good chance we're looking at the Falcon from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. There is something kind of amazing that this was how a multi-billion dollar company decided to hide one of the most famous ships of all time — a bunch of shipping containers in a circle. Couldn't they throw a tarp over it or something?

Let us know in the comments how you would have hidden the Falcon!

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