Don't Forget to Watch the #1 Classic Holiday Movie This Season

Ah, the holiday season. It's a time for fun, family, and drinking warm White Claw seltzers by the fire, watching old WWE holiday episodes on YouTube while Keighleyanne sits on the couch texting that guy Gary, who she swears there is nothing going on with. It's a time for nostalgia, as the Christmas spirit transcends time itself through the music and movies of the olden days. And The Chadster likes to kick off the season with his favorite Christmas classic of all time: Santa's Little Helper.

Don't Forget to Watch the #1 Classic Holiday Movie This Season

Released way back in 2015 by 20th Century Fox and WWE Studios, Santa's Little Helper stars the all-star cast of The Miz as cold-hearted businessman Dax "The Axe" Ardwick, who is fired from his job, left by his girlfriend, has his sweet Dodge Charger repossessed, and about to have his house foreclosed on as the movie begins. Fellow WWE Superstar Paige plays Eleanor, an elf who is Dax's rival for a position in the Santa organization in the titular role because her father, who recently died, previously held it. The movie also stars AnnaLynne McCord as Billie, an elf with a genetic mutation that gives her round ears and propensity for wearing sports bras at the North Pole, tasked by Santa with evaluating Dax for the Santa's Little Helper position. Eric Keenleyside plays Santa, and The Miz's wife and fellow superstar Maryse has a cameo appearance as a bartender in the movie. It was directed by Gil Junger and released straight-to-DVD, probably because the other big Hollywood studios were afraid to face this movie in a fair box office fight. Auugh man! So unfair!

Santa's Little Helper details Dax's redemption story as the movie starts with him shutting down a Youth Center in a business deal right before Christmas, only to be fired from his high-paying corporate job and see his life begin to fall apart before Billie shows up promising him a unique opportunity at her company, as long as he can pass a few tests. Along the way, Dax learns the true meaning of Christmas; viewers learn why he hated that Youth Center, and… well, The Chadster won't spoil the magic for you if you haven't seen it.

Suffice to say, the writing on this movie is absolutely stellar, which should be no surprise who watches WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown on a weekly basis, as you all should be doing unless you are some kind of traitor. And just as top-quality scripts are to be expected, so is the phenomenal acting by The Miz, once of the four great pillars of pro wrestlers turned Hollywood actors, alongside John Cena, The Rock, and Dave Bautista. The Chadster doesn't know very much about cinematography or any of that other bunk that the reviewers here usually talk about. Still, The Chadster is sure that all of that is also of the highest level since The Chadster's beloved WWE never produces anything less.

Now, as with a lot of holiday films from back in the day, this one has some moments that might make modern viewers squirm. Still, you have to understand that it was a different time. There were a lot of things that were culturally acceptable back then that aren't now, like when Dax excitedly guesses that the secret role Billie is testing him for must be working for "The Donald" in the Trump organization, or when he tells her she should smile more because she's prettier when she smiles, which causes her to blush and swoon, or when he tells her changing a tire is man's work. But the twist at the movie's conclusion makes up for some of that, even if — spoiler alert — Dax and Billie totally end up making out!

The Chadster can't recommend this movie enough. Santa's Little Helper is the perfect remedy for the holiday blues. If like The Chadster, you are feeling a little down this holiday season because a rival pro wrestling promotion has been bullying your favorite promotion for years, beating them in the ratings and in popular opinion because they have zero respect for the wrestling business, and the owner of that company has been unfairly personally targeting you in collusion with the editors on your own website. Then this movie has the Christmas cheer you need to stop being cheesed off and get back to being merry. You can stream it on Hulu right now.

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