Drag Slasher Death Drop Gorgeous is Horrific, Wicked Good Time

In this episode, Jason chats with Michael J. Ahern, Brandon Perras-Sanchez, Ryan Miller, and Wayne Gonsalves, creators of the new film Death Drop Gorgeous, releasing from Dark Star Pictures in theaters and on-demand and digital September 10.

Castle Talk logo and Death Drop Gorgeous poster used with permission
Castle Talk logo and Death Drop Gorgeous poster used with permission

The film, directed by Ahern, Christopher Dalpe, and Perras-Sanchez, is a violent ode to John Waters and the changing face of the drag scene. In the film, the regulars and performers at a Rhode Island drag club become the targets of a serial killer (it could have been called Someone is Killing the Great Drag Queens of Providence.) The comedy is broad, and the violence is over-the-top gory, with scenes built for groups to hide their eyes and scream together.  One of the best gags would be simply unfair to even hint at, except that it involves a glory hole.

But as the creators discuss, there's a kernel of serious lesson in the film, a commentary on the changing face of queer life. Michael McAdam's aging, angry, chain-smoking character Gloria Hole both explains and demonstrates that aging isn't for sissies and that, in a way people today might not recall, to be a drag queen in decades past drag queen took real guts.

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