In The Future There Will Be Car Wars And Kickstarters

By Christopher Helton

Car Wars.

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That's a name that instills hope and loyalty among tabletop gamers. I spoke briefly last year, during my Gen Con coverage, about Steve Jackson Games rerelease of Cars Wars Classic. A classic war/board game, Car Wars is about heavily armed and armored cars fighting, either in arenas or on the roads of a future America. The first print of Car Wars Classic debuted at last year's Gen Con and was completely sold out at the distributor level within a couple of months.

In an update to backers of their Ogre Deluxe Kickstarter, Steve Jackson Games talks about a new printing of Car Wars Classic and teases about a new Kickstarter.

Our new printing of Car Wars Classic started shipping to distributors on March 2, 2015. It has only been ten days and we've already shipped 90% of the latest printing. If you're looking for a copy of Car Wars Classic for your game library, grab it now, because we do not expect to have another printing of the game until later this year.

Why does the game continue to sell so quickly? Because so many of you have told the world how much you love the original Car Wars game. We knew that reprinting the 1990 small-box game was the way to go, but none of us were expecting the print runs to sell through so fast. We're especially excited to see the demand is still high. Hopefully, this means that when we announce our upcoming Kickstarter project, we will have even more fans to join us for the Car Wars Classic expansion.

What expansion? It's too early to share the specifics, but we're comfortable with saying that the planned Car Wars expansion box will make many of you arena duellists very happy.

Watch for details on the Kickstarter project next week, and in the meantime don't forget to check the secret Car Wars forums for the latest news each week from Scott.

– Phil Reed

Within 10 days, the new printing is almost sold out at the distributor level again. Hint to retailers: now is a good time to order up a few copies of the new printing of Classic Car Wars.

However, they are also teasing an expansion to the Car Wars Classic line. This afternoon an email from Steve  Jackson Games had this additional information:

1. It's material for Car Wars Classic that has never been presented in this way before.
2. It's in a box, and will retail for $19.95.
3. Attached are a couple of pictures. One contains part of the box art, the other contains a snapshot of our Kickstarter video.


That is a tease of the cover art for the expansion for Car Wars Classic.  I am going to go out on a limb and speculate that we are going to get some rules for motorcycles in the new box. What else? We should see soon enough. I will imagine that this expansion is going to sell just as quickly as the core rules, however. Retailers will want to start bugging their distributors, and fans will want to start bugging their local stores.

They also passed along another teaser, this one for the Car Wars Kickstarter.


That looks like a lot of places to do some autodueling. Word is that there will be more information coming soon. Stay tuned to Bleeding Cool for more as this develops.

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