'Hamilton' Daveed Diggs To Star In TV Adaptation Of 'Snowpiercer'

Snowpiercer French PosterHave you watched Snowpiercer? It is an absolutely fantastic movie from 2013, based off of a French comic Le Transperceneige, from director Bong Joon Ho. An experiment to help stop global warming backfires and freezes the entire planet. The only survivors are the people who happen to be on a giant train that never stops. The train has broken down into various social classes and follows several characters from the back trying to make their way to the front. It's filled with fantastic imagery and has one hell of a bleak ending. It's also ripe for long form storytelling which is exactly what it sounds like TNT is planning to do.

Entertainment Weekly announced today that Hamilton star Daveed Diggs will lead the new television show based on the movie and comic.

Set seven years after an apocalyptic ice age leaves Earth as a frozen wasteland, Snowpiercer will focus on the survivors who "inhabit a gigantic, perpetually moving train that circles the globe," per a press release. Diggs will play Layton Well, "a prisoner barely surviving the harsh conditions in the tail end of the train. A quiet thinker who spends his days sniffing the industrial-waste-turned-drug Chronole and tending to his cage full of rats, Layton becomes a reluctant participant in a struggle that could upend life on the train."

They also announced that Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson will direct the pilot and serve as an executive producer along with showrunner and writer Josh Friedman (Avatar 2, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles). Diggs is a tony award winning actor who got his break from Hamilton but has also appeared on The Get Down and Blackish. Marty Adelstein (Prison Break, Teen Wolf), Becky Clements (Good Behavior, Last Man Standing), Joon Ho, Park Chan-wook (Oldboy, The Handmaiden), Lee Tae-hun (Snowpiercer 2013), and Dooho Choi (Okya, Snowpiercer 2013) will all produce.

Based on the French graphic novel 'Le Transperceneige', the series focuses on the last survivors on the planet. They inhabit 'The Snowpiercer', a train that travels around the globe, which is divided into two feuding classes.

The show has just entered pre-production but IMDB does list 2018 as a release date. No other details are known.

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