Hollywood Science Fiction Museum Seeks Fans Help Restoring Star Trek Bridge And Crew Wax Figures


It was back in 1974 that the Movieland Wax Museum first unveiled the beginnings of a set of what would eventually seven life-sized wax figurines of the main cast of Star Trek. The figures included Spock, Uhura, Kirk, Bones, Scotty, Chekov, and Sulu. Not content to have just the cast, Movieland also built out the bridge of the Enterprise for them to inhabit. While not as large as the original set, it's still impressive (the photos above and below show the bridge size relative to the figures).

While the museum was popular with movie fans, it finally closed up shop back in 2005. Everything was put up for auction, and while the figures were all sold individually, one bidder wound up picking up the whole set in order to keep them together. In 2006 at Creation Entertainment's Star Trek convention in Las Vegas, the bridge and the figures were displayed in public for the last time.


Now the owner has reached out to the Hollywood Science Fiction Museum and offered both figures and set up to them for free. Free is a great price, but they still need to transport it all to the museum, and to do restoration on the figures. 43 years is a long time for wax statues to go without touchups, and before these go back on display they need some TLC. Most of the museum's existing funds is taken up with their ongoing restoration project of the bridge from Star Trek: The Next Generation. In order to pay for the acquisition the museum has started up a Kickstarter to raise $14,200. It's an all-or-nothing campaign, and they're 73% of the way there as of the time of this writing. Donor levels range from $5 to $500.

The campaign says that they are hoping to be able to successfully raise the funds and bring it out and display the bridge and the Spock figure at next weekend's WonderCon in Anaheim, California.

Like with nearly everything in our Sci-Fi Museum, including our Enterprise D Bridge set, the Oblivion Bubbleship, we were given a "Now or Never" scenario to obtain this set and figures, and we have to make it work, whatever it takes. We don't believe in a no win scenario….

If you want to donate to help the museum achieve it's goal, click on the link below.

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