The Conjuring Director James Wan On What He Looks for In a Franchise

The horror genre is something that goes through various changes and phases, with different tropes becoming the studio trend until the numbers start to show notable declines. One name that has been essential in altering that course in the last decade is writer and director James Wan. After getting a start with the iconic titles Saw franchise or Dead Silence, Wan's true evolution came post-Insidious, now finding himself as a name that synonymous with mainstream modern horror.

the conjuring
Copyright: © 2021 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. Photo Credit: Ben Rothstein. Caption: (L-r) VERA FARMIGA as Lorraine Warren and PATRICK WILSON as Ed Warren in New Line Cinema's horror film "THE CONJURING: THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT," a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

Wan is responsible for some of the biggest titles in recent years, including the horror juggernaut franchise The Conjuring, as well as the aforementioned Insidious, with both spawning, multiple box-office smash hit sequels (and spin-offs for The Conjuring.) Now that The Conjuring is on its third installment and Wan has really set the stage for so many horror narratives, he's had an even bigger opportunity to extend his reach, and many wonder what it is that catches the writer/director's attention.

In a recent interview published over at ScreenRant, Wan spoke up to media about his idealistic traits for a franchise, explaining, "I just want to tell the stories I want to tell. I want to tell the stories that I want to watch as an audience. If I have to put my finger on something, it's telling stories with characters that people can relate to."

He went on to elaborate, "I believe that's why whether it's Insidious or The Conjuring with Ed and Lorraine, it's creating these characters that are really beloved. They're real people – I mean, definitely in the case of Ed and Lorraine, which are based on real people. And so, the more grounded you can make it, the more the horror scenes or the kind of scares you put these characters into play more fearfully. And so, I think, that is the most important piece or ingredient is to let the audience be in the shoes of these characters, then you can take them on the craziest, scariest ride."

The third chapter of The Conjuring, titled The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, will be in theaters and on HBO Max starting June 4.

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