Jamie Dornan and Eddie Redmayne Were Up for Roles in Bioshock Film

There's always a little piece of me that will hold out hope for a BioShock movie one day — and apparently, the film that was in talks several years ago came closer to becoming a reality than we imagined.

The first-person sci-fi game BioShock was a revolutionary title that introduced some of the best first-person shooter elements with a completely original and re-written version of history. The game treaded different genres throughout, with a suspenseful horror atmosphere to appease another niche audience, making BioShock a rare blend on every front.

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The game's success spawned two sequels and a potential continuation in the future — but we were almost fortunate enough to receive a BioShock film. Having been discussed almost 12 years ago, the film was gaining traction with Universal moving forward to bring BioShock to life. The pre-production conversations took place until being confirmed to have been canceled in 2013 — noting a high production cost of at least $200 million and the studio's concern for profits on its unchanged R rating.

Though that was all previous knowledge, actors Eddie Redmayne and Jamie Dornan recently mentioned the film's existence in an interview with Variety, reflecting on their early days in Hollywood as new actors. Redmayne briefly divulges, "You remember BioShock? We were furious with each other as we were going through it and competing for the same role."

While they don't name the role specifically, there's almost no donut that the two would have been reading for the game's original protagonist, Jack. The lead character is introduced via plane crash into the Atlantic Ocean before finding his way to a lighthouse guiding him to the underwater city of Rapture. The story is entirely from Jack's perspective, creating one of the most intricate games of the '00s for its overall vision — so there's always going to be that sliver of hope that one day the idea can be revisited.

There's so much more capability in terms of CGI effects within the last decade alone, so why not bring Rapture to life?

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