Jeffrey Howard Talks Scrapped I Know What You Did Last Summer Film

With the revival of horror properties like Halloween and Scream, the resurrection of I Know What You Did Last Summer was practically inevitable.

While the franchise will next take a stab at being a television adaptation for Amazon, there were original plans for an almost soft-reboot of the fictional world. In 2014, after the film had already put out a sequel and direct to DVD forgettable third installment, but screenwriter Jeffrey Howard (Oculus) was tapped to work on a new installment with filmmaker Mike Flanagan that unfortunately never came to fruition.

The film would have been a way to make an original adaptation of an existing property, with plenty of respect to the film's and book that came before. During a recent interview with Bloody Disgusting's Phantom Limbs, Howard opened up about the supposed sequel that he was involved in, and he explained that he was reluctant despite being pursued by the studio, telling the publication, "We just kept saying 'no', and they kept calling back and asking. They were just so nice, and you know how it is – when you spend years trying to knock on doors when you're eventually pursued by people whose stuff you really like, it's really cool. We went in for the meeting … and their whole thing was 'Why don't you just go make up a take? Whatever you want. As long as it thematically fits in with the title and that kind of world, you can just make up whatever you want.'"

I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers
I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers

The free reign approach was enough to intrigue Flanagan and Howard, which convinced the two to join the project, setting the stage for murder, jail time, and a podcast devoted to investigating the new catalyst events, intended to bring back a familiar face. In the interview, Howard divulges that none other than franchise final girl Jennifer Love Hewitt would have been ideally involved, explaining the producer of the podcast, "Was always meant to be Jennifer Love Hewitt. In our minds, that was always, totally meant to be her."

Howard goes on to add that she would have been an important character to the story and notes, "It would've been a great part for her, too. That was the design the entire time, and it would've been so much fun." Howard does share that he'd still love to see this project come to life still, so maybe with the revival through Amazon, there's a chance we'll see more I Know What You Did Last Summer in a cinematic capacity one day. After all, it worked for Scream!

Would you have liked to see a Howard and Flanagan version of I Know What You Did Last Summer?

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