Jordan Peele Discusses What Comes After His New Film, 'Nope'

Jordan Peele has created three films to date, and the future is looking fairly bright for the celebrated filmmaker! After receiving a generally positive response from critics and moviegoers for all three releases so far (Get Out, Us, and Nope), there are already conversations surrounding his future work, whether it's a sequel to Nope or something entirely new.

Jordan Peele in The Twilight Zone, courtesy of CBS All Access.
Jordan Peele in The Twilight Zone, courtesy of CBS All Access.

When promoting the recent film on the Empire Podcast, Peele was asked about where he might take things next and offered a little more insight into his creative process. Peele explains, "I don't know what's; next, there are a few ideas percolating. I need to kind of sink into the world a bit and allow the world to sort of tell me which one is the next one. So that's what my next couple of months will be spent doing…Sitting, watching, waiting, looking at my coffee."

The Get Out mastermind then elaborates, "If you watch good films, you'll get inspired, even if it has nothing to do with anything you want to do. That will work for me. Sometimes the inspiration comes instantly, and sometimes it comes in a long time. I do need to do some watching and listening, can't just be always expressing yourself. You've got to listen."

As of this month, Nope hasn't exactly found a box office audience to match its hefty budget; however, the positive buzz and over $100 million isn't exactly a death sentence by any means. When star Brandon Perea was asked about his thoughts on returning to this world, telling Shadow and Act, "I don't think the story's over, in my opinion. I don't know anything; no one's told me, jack." Before eventually adding, "I felt like we just told a whole story, and it's just built up to go on another journey."

Would you like to see a sequel to Nope? Or do you prefer that Peele takes on another standalone story?

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