Class-Action Lawsuit Claiming Incomplete 'Complete James Bond Box Set' Will Continue

File this under, "so this is a thing that is happening, (as well as things discovered through Variety)": there is an ongoing class-action lawsuit against MGM and 20th Century Fox claiming that an allegedly complete James Bond DVD box set was, in reality, incomplete. The suit claims that it was deceptively marketed as a complete collection when it truly wasn't. Furthermore, the federal judge hearing the case has just refused a motion to dismiss the case, meaning that it will go on for the time being.

Mary L. Johnson, from Pierce County, Washington, is the claimant in this case. She purchased a $106.44 James Bond box set through Amazon back in February of 2016, only to discover that it didn't have Casino Royale (1967) and Never Say Never Again (1983). Needless to say, she was quite incensed, and she filed this lawsuit in April of last year, claiming that this action was in violation of Washington's Consumer Protections Act and of express warranties.

Parts of the claim were actually dismissed by the overseeing federal judge, Ricardo S. Martinez, but he did allow the core of the case to move onwards under the claim that the box set had "all" James Bond films.

Considering how sprawling this franchise is and how weird it's gotten in its tangents in filmography, that seems like a shaky thing to hinge a lawsuit on. All I want to know is if the box set includes Neil Connery's Operation Kid Brother. Obviously, that's a joke, but it does kind of prove my point.

Yeah, this is a ridiculous story, and the defendants hold that it is. In response, they claimed it was just their advertisement "puffery" and is not subject to such legal action.

That being said, while I don't know what damages 20th Century Fox and MGM could incur on such a case, it is kinda nice seeing someone score even a small win on a couple of mega corporation movie studios. Maybe she will get somewhere with this and even change advertisement laws.

Again, yeah, the suit is kinda dumb, but, hey, the gal was promised a full James Bond set. She didn't get one.

Couldn't they just give her DVDs of those two movies and just call it a day, or is it too late for that now?

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