Jason Voorhees Actor Reflects on Near Freddy vs. Jason Casting

It's been far too long since we've been graced with a Friday the 13th film, as the rights for the franchise happen to be tied up in lawsuits with the film's original creatives. Of the vast franchise, actor and stuntman Kane Hodder donned the hockey mask for four films, becoming a fan-favorite Jason through the years. Kane's final act as the machete-wielding camp counselor slayer came in 2002, with the sci-fi-oriented interpretation known as Jason X. The film was set in space and one of the most outlandish settings for a slasher film, but there's a universe in which Freddy vs. Jason could have seen Hodder stepping back into the role for one final time.

Jason - Friday the 13th
Friday the 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives Still. Credit: Paramount Pictures

In a new interview with Bloody Disgusting's The Boo Crew Podcast, Hodder details his experience with the crossover film, explaining, "Shortly after [Jason X], I was given the script for Freddy vs. Jason, and told I was doing it," Hodder continues, "We know how that went. That's the thing. I was told I was doing the film and then replaced. So that's worse. I never expected, just because I had done the previous one, that I would do the next one. I was always very happy when they said that, but I never expected it. But when you're told you're doing it, then you tend to expect it, and that didn't work out."

In the same interview, he also explained his connection to Freddy himself, adding,"I've known Robert [Englund] from so long ago before either one of us were our characters. It would've been so much fun to do that film with him. But. Ya know. Who knows. There's been twelve of them; I can't imagine not doing a thirteenth."

Since we probably won't see a Friday the 13th movie for a long time, and there's likely no chance of a second adaptation of Freddy vs. Jason, Jason X will have to serve as an epic sci-fi send-off for Hodder.

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