Latest Trailer For Preacher's Season 2: A Road Trip To Find God


Now we've got a full minute and a half long trailer for the upcoming season two of AMC's supernatural black comedy series Preacher, based on the DC Vertigo comic series of the same name. With the series premiering on June 25th, it'll pick up with Jesse on his roadtrip to find God.

More guns, more vampires, and more episodes (season two will have a bonus three episodes, for a full un-lucky thirteen rather than the originally planned ten). As Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy continue in their quest, they'll wind up in the crossfire in the ongoing war between heaven, hell, and everyone else that has a bone to pick.

Preacher's season two cast includes Noah Taylor (Game of Thrones, Deep Water), Pip Torrens (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Crown) and Julie Ann Emery (Fargo, Better Call Saul) in regular roles, and Malcolm Barrett (War on Everyone, Dear White People), Justin Prentice(13 Reasons Why, Malibu Country), and Ronald Guttman (Homeland, Mozart in the Jungle) will be recurring – at least as long as they happen to survive in a series with such a high body count..

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