Lauren Looks Back: Tim Curry's Trippy Musical Number In 'The Worst Witch'

I need to admit something; I hadn't seen The Worst Witch until today. I had wanted to write about it for some time, simply because of this song:

The Worst Witch came out in 1986, and the storyline is very straightforward: Mildred is a young witch at the prestigious witch academy — Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches. However, she can't seem to do anything right, which causes her classmates to tease and ridicule her.

The movie is actually not bad. It's very much so a kids movie, but anyone can enjoy this film. The movie is also based on the first book in a children's book series of the same name, by Jill Murphy. The book series spans seven books, and there's even a new television series out for it.

I have friends who adore this movie, and needless to say, it's become somewhat of a cult classic. It's very campy (with some very obvious green screens going on), but the writing is solid and the acting isn't bad.

But for the past several years around Halloween, the "Anything Can Happen On Halloween" song started popping up on my social media feeds. It's campy as all hell, but Tim Curry has a hell of a voice. This has likely helped keep this movie in the public eye, at least in the US. So sit back, grab a cup of witches' brew tea (or whatever you like to drink), and enjoy.

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