Let's Talk About Mozart In The Jungle Season 4 Episode 5

Amazon Original series Mozart In The Jungle continues to be a fabulous mix of noteworthy writing, and top notch performances from it's award winning cast.  We've been marathoning the newest season (it's 4th), and delighting in the story.

In s4e4 "An Honest Ghost", it seemed like Rodrigo (Gael Garcia Bernal) had lost his spectre mentor Mozart for good after agreeing to perform the Requiem for new investors as the behaste of Gloria (Bernadette Peters).  Things for Hailey (Lola Kirke) were moving right along, as she discovered her purpose and was informed she would possibly be able to take part in the conductor's competion she'd been training for.  Thomas (Malcolm McDowell) premiered his first performance with the Queens Philharmonic with a special appearance by Cynthia (Saffron Burrows).  Rodrigo and Hailey journeyed to an eccentric collector's home in the hopes of somehow bringing Mozart back to Rodrigo, but instead the ghost of Marianna and other neglected female composers appeared to Hailey to encourage her to follow her gut.

Let's Talk About Mozart In The Jungle Season 4 Episode 5
Hailey conducts. FINALLY.

In Mozart In The Jungle season 4 episode 5 "The Coach":

  • Rodrigo is coaching Hailey for her competition because Thomas is a judge now,
    and he's trying to take it as seriously as he can
  • Liberace appears to Rodrigo, offering some fashion advice as well as telling him to play "the melody, not the spiritual struggle" with the Requiem
  • Hailey has to make the choice to let her roommate (and violinist) from her ensemble, and in the process loses a violist too
  • An old friend visits Gloria and Thomas, with his completed symphony (only taken him 8 years to finish!)
  • Hesby (Bruce Davison) shows them his work, which is written on 15 paper towels and two hand cloths
  • Winslow (Wallace Sherman) is sitting in with Thomas's group after spending three months at an ashram
  • Hailey is auditioning violin players, and is unhappy with everyone's performances until a final pair of a flutist and a violinist together
  • And of COURSE it's actually Union Bob (Mark Blum) and Warren (Joel Bernstein) from the Orchestra
  • Dee Dee (John Miller) is also in for the piece, to play the flower pots, because they are proud of her *sniff*
  • Rodrigo is back in the studio with Egon (John Cameron Mitchell) and his dancers
  • Egon tells Rodrigo to show him how he loves Hailey using movements with a dancer,
    and says he doesn't believe it. Egon says he thinks Rodrigo doesn't actually love Hailey,
    but that he would drown without her
  • I personally am heartbroken by that, because Egon has been pretty dead on with everything else he's said, and that would just SUCK so much
  • Rodrigo leaves, notably pissed off, or shaken by Egon's observation, hard to tell
  • Hailey and Rodrigo are at the "I love you phase", but also trying to balance their relationship with lessons, falling into passionate embraces and into bed
  • Liberace leaves Rodrigo too, saying "You're sad, and I don't do sad"
  • Cynthia has an emotional break while talking to the young drummer from the youth orchestra, and it turns out she's injured her wrist again while playing with Thomas
  • Hailey attempts to conduct her group without words, and it actually seems to be working.
  • The underlying theme of this episode appears to be respect- Cynthia with the young boy, Hailey with her ensemble, Gloria and Thomas etc
  • Thomas does his best to steal Hesby from Gloria
  • The Guggenheim is apparently after Gloria to direct their museum, appealing to her sense of fulfillment not being met.
  • Hailey is conducting her piece, and Rodrigo tries to give her some last minute advice but totally messes everything up because he invited her dad
  • He again tries to encourage her that she's good, that she's better than her father's adage of "you're the best or you fucking suck"
  • Hailey begins, and I do not adequately have words to explain the impact of her finally getting to be the star, to use her voice in lee of the viola, to impress her father and everyone around her. The intercutting of her performance with Thomas debuting Hesby's piece while Gloria continues to sip wine with the Guggenheim guy….just magical. I will admit to tears, the culmination of this scene a righteous mid season end

What a freaking amazing episode. Truly, if you love these characters in any small measure, this is one you'll remember.

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